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  • User Lucid Dreamer added hybrid(Buds) on 10/30/2014
  • User Lucid Dreamer added indica(Buds) on 10/30/2014
  • User Lucid Dreamer added concentrate(Zap Cola) on 10/30/2014
  • User Test Record added hybrid(Orange Skunk) on 7/5/2014
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  • User bong boy added hybrid(Flowers) on 7/1/2014

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How does it work?

Cannabid allows Cannabis Suppliers (Providers): Safe Access Points (Herein called Outlets), Farmers, and Delivery Services to post their Menu (Inventory) of Cannabis and a one page entry about your service. Cannabid also allows FREE advertising from Medical Cannabis Doctors.
Users find you by your inventory in their area. They contact you and make a purchase (or donation). Simple.
 Map Icon Provider  per Month per Year  Menu Listings Options
 Unknown Type  Unknown, but in our database. Get listed today and save!
Cannabis Doctor Cannabis Doctors  Free   Free No Listings Privacy/Web/LabTesting/Security/GovtRun
Delivery Service Delivery Services   $5  $50 1 Listing  Private/DeliveryOnly/Web/LabTesting/Security/Organic/Club/GovtRun/MedRec
Small Farmer or Farmers Market Small Farmer  or Farmers Market $15  $150  5 Listings  Privacy/Delivery/Web/LabTesting/Security/Organic/Club/GovtRun/MedRec
Large farmer Large farmer  $20 $200  10 Listings  Privacy/Delivery/WebRdir/LabTesting/Security/Organic/Club/GovtRun/MedRec
Small Outlet Small Outlet  $35 $350  25 Listings  Privacy/Delivery/WebRdir/LabTesting/Security/Organic/Club/GovtRun/MedRec
Large Outlet Large Outlet  $50 $500  50 Listings  Privacy/Delivery/WebRdir/LabTesting/Security/Organic/Club/GovtRun/MedRec
Cannabis Lawyer Cannabis Lawyer  $100 $1000  No Listings  Privacy/Security/Rdir


Public Location  Location is open to the public.  Once you've identified the kind of business you are running we have
more icons to help your customers find you and get the best
experience possible.

Some of these options aren't available for some levels. Prescribers,
Lawyers and Delivery Services don't have access to some of these.
More than one bad report by a customer can  get some of these icons

We take Security very seriously. If you say you have it, your customers
had better report that you did.

The Organic Icon is the same. Some customers expect nothing but
the best organic greens.

Lab Testing is also very important. Some people expect it.
Private Location   Location is a private house.
 We carry Organic Products  We carry Organic Products.
 Security Personnel on site  Security personnel on site.
 Lab Tested Products We carry  Lab Tested Products.
 Medical Cannabis Only  Recreational Cannabis Only.
 Recreational Cannabis Only  Medical Cannabis Only.
 Medical and Recreational Available Medical and Recreational Available.